Saturday, October 23, 2010

And the lucky winner is....

So to get a random drawing, we chose to use the website,, to select the winning number for the gift certificate.  There were 22 comments left so they were numbered 1-22 in the order that they came in.  We (my son and I) went to he website and he hit the generate button...the random number given was


So, congratulations to Wade!  Check your email for the certificate information.

Check back for a posting Monday...this morning I went crazy with bananas.  I did the banana's foster jam and a banana nut bread butter and they are both WONDERFUL!!!  Tomorrow morning I am going to use the rest of the bananas in a  banana bread and also try adding some spicy ground chili's to my apple butter recipe.  Stay tuned.

Congratulations again, to Wade!  Till next time, Be Blessed and Be Sweet.