Thursday, November 4, 2010

Feels like Christmas…

I have spent the last few hours feeling VERY frustrated.  I have spent hours trying to publish my latest post (Triple “A” Butter) but every time I did it was messed up…pictures not where they were supposed to be or paragraphs split up and strewn randomly throughout other paragraphs.  I was ready to SCREAM!  I have been typing up my posts in my word processing program that came loaded on my laptop and would then copy and paste it into Blogger.  It would never transfer pictures so I would have to add them one by one after I pasted the text.  It has been happening on other posts but this time it was really bad and kept getting worse every time I tried again.  I did a Google search to see if any others were having problems like this and found a blog that talked about similar problems.  Their suggestion was to paste it straight into html, which I tried but it still messed it up.  Adding pictures in html was a visual nightmare for a non-geek like me.

All of a sudden, like a light shining down from the heavens one post stuck out from some brilliant person that had the same issue.  They said to just use the new Windows 2011 Live Writer program.  It specifically lets you write blog posts and it automatically publishes them when you are finished and ready.  I found that it was already loaded on my computer and so I tried it as a last resort.  WOWZERS!  It does so much more and anything I have done in the past including some really cool features for the photos, including watermarks and frames.  It saves a copy, like I was doing in the word processor program, and I like to have backup copies of my posts.  It feels like Christmas morning!  I love it and highly recommend it for anyone who blogs. 

P.S. – Sorry to all of my followers for all the duplicate postings of that recipe in their email inboxes while I got it figured out.  Rolling on the floor laughing

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Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Just downloaded it to my computer :) Now if I could only download some inspiration to blog about I'd be set :) Thanks for the awesome tip about this live writer, I'm excited to try it out :)